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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  June 4, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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ken schools nonprofit group on a mission mandate to turn around a dozen local schools >> wgn news @ 9 samite car pulling into its path and three dead teenagers terrible crash far western suburbs tonight. top story around the country tonight. about six hours crews still working to fix this semi truck nearly overturned 126 boulevard the names of the three victims released who they are 19 year- old of plainfield driver of the vehicle at 19 year-old tyler montgomerie along with 18 year- old. neighbors tell me a
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dangerous intersection accident just two days ago police tell me intersection these roads have picked up a lot since population has grown story tonight three teenagers three families who now have lost children crash that could have been prevented. you can see is skid marks in the past semi truck avoiding the crash of the road down the embankment before turning onto its side 19 year-old driving in the small car stopped 126 south try to cross the road hit by this truck going east reports truck landed on top of the car passenger along with driver died instantly. 18 year old died at the hospital. people who drive
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through a lot to see a way to many accidents >> people probably doing 60 mi. per hour try to beat them and not enough time. most dangerous intersection i have ever seen a lot of people killed on that corner do not know how many it will take before they put four way stop white or something because dangerous >> truck not ticketed state police tell me not speeding no injuries either alcohol might have played a role but they are doing toxicology testing just to make sure to see if they have to rule that out or not could have been car getting across busy intersection may be waiting awhile stop sign did not understand how fast the truck was going.
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>> cta rebuilding project colossal headaches south side riders south branch cta red line shutdown of five months from cermak-chinatown to 95th street at the stop right now >> there is good news and all of this project does not go under way until may 2013 that means people have entire year to get alternate transportation plans in order. said cta is the name of the improvement you can imagine plenty riders not happy >> crazy a lot of dramatics and commotion crowded not going to look good >> and more traveling time to get to work in the morning >> challenge for red line riders would depend on the branch between cermak-chinatown to 95th street next to a close
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cta in the 10 mi. stretch of railroad stations busiest line in system a much overdue facelift has been dubbed the worst of them all >> the drainage is limited. as a result trains must travel slowly on many parts of the tracks and the commute is much longer than they should be >> five months of 425 building of a project will affect students workers even white sox fans trying to get to their destination. officials hopegre green line will be go to getting their easy enough as a shuttle bus to >> east west connection to get to red line out extra buses to direct many south side residents commute to exactly the same one bus ride one rail
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>> cta contract on time each day shovels and buses south of 63rd will be free shuttles green line will make red line stops roosevelt and ashland and 50¢ discounts the white sox undeniably affected 15 percent of fans take the red line to the ballpark confident by opening day next year chicago white sox and the city and the ct a transportation plan in place for accommodations for commuters alternative means greeted with mixed reviews of >> getting downtown a lot of us worked people from the suburbs on the red line and not fair pushing us out >> making service 100 percent better i am all for that great discussion about extending the red line for their self 95th-138
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straight made clear today cannot happen until this construction plan does thank you. north chicago leaders more allegations tonight police abuse latest video to back the plan at city council looked at this tonight back to 2010 that north chicago police shot and killed michael french police claim to try to back over officers a vehicle stopped rolling back into neutral when french was shot investigation and north chicago police department. investigators say weekend fire gay nightclub might have been arson yesterday morning oak park velvet rope ultra lounge authorities report a suspicious fire called to investigate the owner says derogatory messages written on the walls inside the club to the least not yet determined if hate
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crime. federal jury st louis awarded a record $181 billion to three workers seriously injured grain elevator explosion at $181 million in april 2010 accident con-agra foods and a subcontractor workers removing equipment grain bin at the site downstate chester explosion occurred attorney said not properly cleaned in over 20 years appropriate safety precautions not taken con-agra foods >> people at the top of the chain of command did not make the safety decisions for one hour to hour spot or three hours or five but five weeks and to this horrible incident happened con-agra foods the accident tragic but attorney said company to not cause the injuries the company will appeal the ruling. says sick of being called
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sinister angry about what has happened to him and his family drew peterson interview says drew peterson board but ok thinks of himself man in jail awaiting trial not in prison or killing someone drew peterson jailed will county last three years awaiting trial on murder of his third wife kathleen savio the jury selection is set to begin july 23rd drew peterson so cheap suspect the disappearance of his fourth wife. stacy peterson big day for chicago newest children's hospital next special ceremony kicking off a week of openings at kansas' francis cardinal george encrypted letters about governor pat quinn name and hiring practices coming up why felony franks closing its doors picture-perfect weather day another one jim ramsey in the weather center with details
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franklin delano! [ male announcer ] hey! there's oreo creme under that fudge! oreo fudge cremes. indescribably good. arwgn news @ 9 week-long celebration planned new children's memorial hospital opening streeterville at this morning's ribbon cutting >> anne and robert lurie
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children's hospital ready to receive patients more than 700 people attended opening at a new location streeterville all made possible $100 million gift from anne lurie former patient wrote her to say thank you >> proud the facility will now reflect the kind of amazing work happening inside. incredible hospital >> 13 year-old echoes the sentiment former leukemia patient cancer free today >> even when they were building the hospital big part of this kids were helping create kid friendly spaces in the hospital got to share stories with construction workers >> paulist children's hospital in the country 23 stories children's memorial outgrew the 7100 years over at mcginn park and the physical connection to
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women's hospital will expedite care to newborn to >> beautiful wonderful dedicated staff through the years they have come to represent the pinnacle of pediatric medical knowledge and expertise marked with extraordinary kind best. >> one father experienced such kindness young dick durbin tinley drove his daughter here from springfield seeking best medical care >> new state of the art facility enhance children hospital's reputation one of america's best pediatric hospitals. that's not big move to june 9th when hundred 60 kids transported via ambulance from lincoln park to streeterville move relocation effort to four years in the making. and join wgn dina bair half hour special saturday night on the opening children's rising
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from 930 until 10:00 p.m.. late in the park store five decades in the making itcomes back aboard the downed roy's home furnishings last week new store built 2400 block felony franks and should be ready to open by late summer or early fall in the meantime looking for temporary storefront. >> overwhelmed with emails and telephone calls landmark lincoln park area. everybody working together expediting the process. fire officials calling it accident caused by somebody who did not put cigarette out properly >> back behind bars george zimmerman lawyers say failure to tell a judge about money raised before released on bond should not keep him from getting bail at the local pastor taking stage to make community center raising
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wgn news @ 9 attorneys for george zimmerman asking for new bond hearing taken back into custody george zimmerman neighborhood watch volunteer charged with killing of on our teenager trayvon martin bail revoked last week failed to tell court about $135,000 donated to his defense fund. george zimmerman defense team says should be believed because forthright and cooperative in other regards lawyers say lawyers of trayvon martin parents say if motion fired george zimmerman filed
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should have to take witness stand >> the main thing only his version of the facts that says trayvon martin attacked him objective evidence suggests that george zimmerman pursued and shot trayvon martin >> george zimmerman did money for defense for website that has since been taken down a new website contributions up to replace. camped out on top of vacant south side motel for three months now take pastor corey brooks and stand against the violence taking message on the road new york pastor corey brooks making cross-country walk to raise $15 million for community center she would like to build 94 days on the roof of motel had become a drug that eventually raising enough money to purchase the property stopped by today cn and hoping plans could be used as a model for other cities. >> pastor corey brooks meeting
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with pastors in philadelphia at brooklyn this morning across the nation meeting with pastors and not for profits people concerned about handling issue of the inner city relating to gun violence expanding and grow >> pastor corey brooks says takes more than police community effort letter from chicago francis cardinal george turns up and the vatican document leak scandal message on mott correspondence published battalion best-seller about the scandal dubbed vatileaks cardinal reports urging the vatican not to give an award to illinois pat quinn for abolishing the death penalty because if governor pat quinn supports civil union and abortion rights confirms the cardinal is aware of his cameo in the book but will not comment on fact or fiction and big election in wisconsin tomorrow gov. scott walker
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recall election against milwaukee mayor tom barrett tight race latest polls with scott walker slight edge chicago tribune political reporter following the election telling us during the evening news the race could have greater meaning beyond wisconsin >> everybody says precursor of the general election if the scott walker wins a big boost for mayor tom barrett republicans at this wins a boost for obama and we all know one of those swing states people will pay attention to in the fall campaign >> democrats gathered 1 million signatures to force a recall election after gov. scott walker cut back on pensions to cut wisconsin budget deficit. strike talks looming chicago public school officials and teachers' union representatives take the case to the public 30% salary increase idea floated out there but cps jean claude brizard in the newsroom today said not
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going to happen >> salary how much we can give an issue we expect teachers to get a raise we want to give them a raise cannot afford a 30% but working hard to make short support they need >> teachers union reps claim cps plans to lead to larger class sizes lower achievement levels jean claude brizard says not the case and wants to give teachers what he considers more accurate information tonight hundreds of people hoping for just a chance of getting it to chicago public housing struggling long line this morning at 41st and king drive south side chicago housing authority's accepting applications for public housing waiting list. registration through june 29th applicants must already live in the communities where there will be openings. >> requirements quite simple
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income and means people can come into the community live in these specific areas to be eligible >> audio is weak but you can hear she says basically have to live in the community servant to apply. not first come first served cha electron at the lottery drawing >> own a business in cook county installment of property taxes sooner than later property tax bill expected to hit mailboxes first week of july 2nd first week of july. payments due august 1st. last year to november 1st school districts from local governments do not have to take out short-term loans to pay bills county saved $20 million. coming up high schools students who cannot
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read above third grade level coming up what is done to turn around failing schools in chicago and how to much exercise could have negative affect on your health and royal scare a member of the royal family absent from the celebration of the queen's jubilee.
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tonight's medical watch coming soon a more cancer drugs applications and cancer treatments on the rise food and drug administration 20 new drug submissions expected this year experts say good sign of war on cancer better understanding the molecular makeup of the disease paving the way for targeted therapies that means improved chances for patients to beat their disease. beating back a debilitating brain disease with common beverage coffee helps people stay alert and perky researchers say it also helps improve memory and processing people 65 and older study found those with higher blood caffeine levels avoided on set up by the alzheimer's disease most came 3 c. of coffee per day. excessive exercise may do the body more
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harm than good athletes to compete in multiple marathons and iron man distance triathlons risk heart health chronic excessive endurance exercise enlarges the heart for athletes at risk your regular heart beats regular exercise prevents heart disease promotes longevity overdoing it is overtaxing the heart. >> i always do less. lots of warm weather jim ramsey details near perfect days coming up.
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good >> looking at the climate records every day this year should be like this only one degree below the normal high temperatures 75 degrees. plot of cool air in the midwest combined with the wind off lake michigan keeping temperatures comfortable today. much of the afternoon low-mid-70's. time lapse pictures what a day this was looking like a postcard beautiful blue skies pleasant conditions went northeast generally wind speed 5-15 mi. per hour continues to be breezy as i speak temperatures at the moment lost about 10 degrees. 75
9:31 pm
degrees high-temperature check this out key to building a central plans down to the self getting into that eventually probably not before friday saturday or sunday temperatures expected to hit 80 degrees at the above cooler air to the north not a chance now for quite awhile in the meantime it numbers are around the area. 65 degrees. 10 degrees below the high temperature today. '60s all over the area cooler where the lake stronger felt still very comfortable wind off of the lake most places speeds have diminished generally 5-10 mi. per hour range. curious about lake water temperatures the wind coming off of the cool water lake shore was chillier today.
9:32 pm
temperatures up and down the lake a generally upper 50s and the low 60s chile for swimming. cool air notice back off to the east building behind this by friday notice in the middle getting warmer moving saturday and sunday discussion in the weather office whether or not 90s on sunday good chance at the moment 88 degrees because possibility of the cloudiness watching that closely. storms and parts of the area wisconsin a look at this as showers have broken out drifting to the south chicago to dry might get patchy clouds big storms rattling through parts of arkansas and southern illinois thunderstorms some of these producing damaging wind and hail. there are severe thunderstorm watch as notice this one southern illinois parts
9:33 pm
of tennessee and kentucky nothing there will be affecting chicago fortunately. computer models clouds drifting next day or two should be dry here is the forecast for tonight. skies mostly clear cloud patch by morning. low temperature of 52- 56 degrees with light wind persisting tuesday clouds early high temperature cooler by the lake shore about 77 degrees inland and the tuesday night in the fifties once again with early clouds and clearing wind out of the northeast wednesday northeast wind continues. expecting numbers to move into the mid '70s. great looking at seven day stretch. >> felony franks near west side
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hot dog stand known for hiring ex convicts and battling aldermen closed doors for good today the owner jim andrews said goodbye to employees and locked the doors of this afternoon bad element hanging around a nearby liquor store scared away potential customers are jim andrews appeared on politics tonight talking about the good felony franks has done for the community. >> over 30 percent of the population x offenders and that ward we have done a great job over there taking 12 people random all to better jobs >> and drew says a working with several interested buyers to license off the controversial name hire and train ex offenders. what is being done to fix one of chicago's most broken schools and boy with quite the
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goals and dedicated staff awarded contracts 18 chicago schools mandate to turn them around. unlimited access what is happening one turnaround high school bronzeville neighborhood >> two years ago it was the worst high school and the state of illinois wendell phillips academy located on the south side south side of king drive and pershing this school year principal says nearly one-third of wendell phillips academy incoming freshmen reading at third grade level or below some cannot read at all. nobody would deny drastic changes needed at the school we also found change was difficult. wendell phillips academy has the distinction of being chicagos first predominantly black high-school long list of accomplished alumni principal wants today's
9:39 pm
students but to have the same opportunities >> no. 1 goal to give them a chance to learn about life what options they have outside and for many students wendell phillips academy what they see every day is difficult >> communities a drug and tested violence to children having children in foster schools classified as homeless >> school suffered a devastating academic decline grew up nearby reputation wendell phillips academy was so bad mother would not allow him to go to neighborhood schools left the junior disappointed she had to >> 1 experience in the hallway boys walking around upper level
9:40 pm
of seniors smoking marijuana out walking around the halls that is what the high school was like >> decades-long history with the school from good to bad to worst >> deteriorated to a terrible level just wanted change to make the school better many believed it is better drastic change swept through the halls wendell phillips academy several years ago every adult in the building replaced under management of the academy for urban school leadership >> train teachers in the school district and we fix failing schools 90 percent low end, 90 percent minority at 90% low performance on state test >> extreme makeover centered in the classroom strategies designed to boost achievement
9:41 pm
for students nowhere near where they should be >> reading coach hired in january to address literacy problem at wendell phillips academy the class readers to struggle with comprehension but to many incoming freshmen cannot read at all >> there is no way students and high school cannot read how does a kid get tonight trade and cannot read? >> social promotion out of the window and not true >> not all of the blame on the teachers some park but the background for the kids where they grew up parents and i would learn how to read and write before i went to school batt but 2011 illinois school report card modest progress wendell phillips academy wide 77 percent of students meeting or exceeding standards but at phillips they number only 16 percent. double
9:42 pm
what it was the previous year math teacher also playing catch- up with her students says the test scores alone could not add up to the story >> 5 grades below grade level still not at grade level on paper still might not look that great of looking at growth different thing. critics question whether the model is even working donald maurer had designs for change studying elementary schools in chicago preparing them to those controlled by local school council >> far outperforming schools with assistance taking over status quo some of the tanks
9:43 pm
that goes along with the structure and engineering of the school's >> trying to develop like every other high school just the development and it is going to take time >> two years into the turn around the principal says made progress but not there yet >> only school dean of the challenges definitely not but definitely also doing things about it >> just a snippet of what we have in store tonight so much more to talk about join us after the newscast click over to c ltv interactive special politics a ausl and tell parents can help transform a school and telephone calls live fixing failing schools tonight 10:00 on c ltv. >> celebration fit for a clean
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fireworks concert celebrating queen elizabeth's 60th years on the british throne some of the biggest names in music august serving monarch for diamond jubilee paul mccartney elton john stevie wonder some of the stars their concert outside buckingham palace high 0.4 days of festivities >> the entire country has come together everybody so friendly amazing and credible husband prince philip noticeably absent hospitalized with a bladder infection rest of the royal family watched from the royal box god save the queen 86 year- old the only monarch many in britain have ever known next
9:48 pm
seven days not too bad? nothing short of spectacular probably temperatures to the weekend 65 degrees check out those numbers west and southwest of chicago most of the country sun has set temperatures still unbelievably warm phoenix for example temperature 99 degrees rainfall showers falling apart approaching illinois cloudiness may survive maybe cloud patch or to overnight computer models suggest some of the clouds may last cannot be too confident about that a lot of dry air to negotiate first talk and the
9:49 pm
office about 90 degrees or so plenty of warmer air by the weekend meeting president obama thrill for sixth grader tyler sullivan president made him special offer >> came and asked me if i wanted excuse as i was missing school on friday that up skip school to see the president speak at factory where his father works speechless when president obama offered excuse letter had written presidential seal teacher understood deserving of that honor certainly enjoyed his moment but the president not what he wants to be when he grows up wants to be professional football player of course mental mistake by
9:50 pm
chicago cubs best player leaves dale sveum taking his head but help on the way chicago cubs and chicago white sox and lb draft begins top pick doing backflips after being selected sports next. [ male announcer ] if you think any battery will do... consider the journey of today's athletes: ♪ ♪ their training depends on
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excuse us, while we change into something more comfortable. cool. introducing, the square sunnyd bottle. fokaba white sox have the day off?
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>> anyway out this first place with the day off the lead story holding a bowling tournament chicago white sox liking all the attention nate jones celebrity bowling classic benefiting cancer research children's hospital robin ventura bunch of white sox personalities on hand to losing these could be fun not as fond when you are winning everything is fond you can hear music playing everybody having a good time it is just awesome having fans as involved with this as they are they really bring a lot of energy to the stadium and to the games appreciate that >> not good at bowling did not
9:54 pm
even have shoes on just walking around >> managing chicago cubs are in the gutter swept by separate cisco's giants four straight jeff samardzjia good day pitching and hitting rbi single in 2nd 2-0 lead to himself more starlin castro boneheaded play right here double play ball maybe thought there were two outs of ready to not throw to first base steve clevenger robbed by ryan theriot not take too much more of this ad in the ninth inning steve clevenger robbed by ryan theriot worst 58 years. maybe get help tonight's and lb first year player draft picks in the upper half of the first round chicago cubs looking for outfield help looking at porter weekend at shortstop carlos correa but not available with the no. 6 pick they get
9:55 pm
high school player albert almora out of hialeah gardens florida hit .603 in senior year, 6-2 180 lbs named united states baseball athlete of the year at the chicago white sox choose high school outfielder courtney hawkins, big guy 6-3 220 lbs out of texas with 11 home runs high- school team and agile how about this 220 lbs. kenny williams already told him stop the back flipping western conference finals all even the game 5 tonight manu ginobli san antonio spurs' starting lineup second quarter russell westbrook to smokin hot serge ibaka 52-44 at halftime in the third inning manu ginobli showed up in a big way back to back from way back san antonio spurs take the lead late the third quarter and the
9:56 pm
great one at wayne gretzky dropped the puck game three stanley cup finals former los angeles can must be like in the best 2-0 and the serious pounding in new jersey tonight anze kopitar sel hot during post-season 2-0 win it 4-0 the clinching victory wednesday night. maria sharapova and rafael nadal the quarter finals french open and nfl hiring replacement rectories break down negotiations for new contracts and finally quest for d/steve stricker m five weeks away steve stricker this putt to win the john deere classic last summer third straight year drains this shooting for four straight in july today made again and try to talk me into making it. steve stricker better golfer than coach.
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